To foresee potential developments in our region and in the world by analyzing the policies of the major world powers on a global level and towards our region

To develop a vision that properly assesses Turkey'’s geopolitics and that contributes to its global initiatives, and to produce projects consistent with this vision,

To analyze the changing security environment and to develop security strategies against identified threats

To contribute to the progression of Turkish-EU relations in a sound way ensuring mutual benefits,

To design policies aiming to increase Turkey’'s relations with the Balkans, Caucasia, Central Asia and Middle East as neighboring regions and to contribute to regional peace and stability by developing policy proposals for regional problems,

To analyze political, economic, socio-cultural, and other national problems of Turkey using a multidisciplinary perspective and scientific methods; to develop realistic and applicable solution proposals in the light of experiences,

To inform the public about the policies of energy, technology, and economy which will contribute to the sustainable development of Turkey,

To produce projects which will improve our national culture to meet the contemporary requirements and to carry it into the future,

To plan and execute activities to entrench human rights and the culture of compromise in the region.