To provide a scientific platform by gathering wise men who have gained prestige from their knowledge and experience with young and dynamic  researchers within an organization in a way that yields synergy,

To supply technical tools, equipment, fixtures, and stationery items that can provide a pleasant working environment for reaching this goal,

To follow social, economic, and socio-cultural developments in the world, in our region and at home, in order to obtain relevant information,  documents, and publications; to establish a documentation center; to process and interpret collected data,

To prepare scientific research projects on the bilateral and multilateral relations of Turkey alongside its domestic political, economic, technological,  environmental, and socio-cultural problems,

To organize training programs, meetings, workshops, panels, conferences, and congresses,

To contribute to the establishment of interactive understanding by performing activities in cooperation with domestic and foreign universities   and research institutes,

To start internship programs for doctoral and graduate students to develop future scientists and researchers,

To reward dynamic and successful wise men and researchers,

To offer scholarships for doctoral and graduate students,

To prepare publications such as newspapers, reports, journals, and books in line with the organization’s objectives; to issue working and  information bulletins to announce the activities to members,

To open branch offices and agencies wherever required.