Post-Crimea: The Perceptions of Russian Decision-Makers

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After the unexpected actions of Russia in the Crimea, experts continue to debate and attempt to respond to some very pertinent questions. These questions include, whether or not the Crimea incident represents a strictly local political event in relation to the geopolitics of the CIS or has it initiated a new trend in world politics? According to the experts, Russian decision-makers have articulated serious statements as to a new situation emerging in international relations.

The key official in the Russian foreign policy decision-making process devoted a few hours to the issue, when on the 17th of April on TV Direct Line, he responded to questions from Russian citizens [1]. According to the discussion, President Putin has openly recognized the increasing geo-military importance of the Crimea. Taking the Peninsula without a shot being fired, through it acquisition, Russia has drastically improved the naval facilities of the Black Sea fleet...

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