Russian-Egyptian Relations as a Part of the President Putin Strategy

Prof. Alexander A. KORNILOV
17 September 2014
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As the Ukrainian crisis continues to develop in a negative direction, foreign policy experts have attempted to define the essence of Russia’s international strategy. Key questions have arisen: What is Russian President Putin’s thinking and strategy towards (1) EU and the US sanctions (2) Suspension of some NATO-Russia cooperation programs and (3) the effect of one million refugees from Ukraine displaced into regions across Russia.  These questions are pertinent, especially since some in the West seem to think that all the problems in Ukraine point towards Russia as the guilty power.


There is nothing to suggest that President Putin has dropped his long-term strategy of transforming Russia into a power which commands international gravity and a pole of influence. Putin has maintained his schedule of visits, meetings and talks with foreign politicians and statesmen. The recent Russian-Egyptian talks in Sochi serve as an example

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