Eurasian Energy Security: A General Perspective

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It could be said that energy sector, energy production and energy distribution gained unprecedented importance for all us in the 21th century. This century has also demonstrated that the energy security is a precondition for economic stability and an indivisible part of a state’s overall security. Especially growing demand on energy resources day by day means that the future energy security of Eurasia very much depends on diversification of sources of energy supplies and enhancing security of the energy network. This paper proposes that the major potential for Eurasian energy security in Afghanistan and its immediate neighbors lies in the revival of trade and transportation links like Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and more distant Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. While counting the name of these countries we cannot underestimate Russia's weight and importance in Eurasia and thus the paper also purposes the relations between the European Union and Russia by taking into account the recent energy wars especially started after the invasion of Crimea by Russia. It is because the paper offers a general perspective to Eurasian energy security, we embark on our study with touching upon the radical Islam and drug trafficking in Afghanistan and Central Asian countries and try to put forward why Eurasian energy security is dependent on eradicating these security problems. By doing this, this paper will also assess the risks associated with utilization of Central Asia and the Caucasus as a logistical backyard to the war on terror in Afghanistan and lack of a longer term strategy to confront internal problems of each of the region’s countries. At the end, before we put forward our general energy approach to the Eurasian energy security, we will touch upon the significance of Turkey for the Eurasian energy security and point out why this region does matter for Turkey.

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