Turkey's Strategy in the Changing World

Prof. Atilla SANDIKLI
06 January 2015
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If the Turkish history is examined, it will be recognized that there have been welleducated wise men behind the achievements in the past. However, at the present it is increasingly difficult for a group of wise men to perceive developments truly and on time and design alternative policies due to the multidimensional progression of incidents and the complexity of questions. Gathering of wise men with dissimilar world-views and specialized on different disciplines and of young and energetic researchers in flexible programs is necessary to watch developments closely; to make realistic predictions and to plan alternate strategies.

Wise Men Center for Strategic Studies (BILGESAM) was founded to have future projections by following developments in the homeland and the world; to make scientific studies to resolve political, economic, technological, environmental, and socio-cultural problems at domestic level; to gain foresight for Turkey’s foreign relations; and to provide decision-makers with policy proposals and practical recommendations in line with national interests. The vision and objectives of BILGESAM, its working method, basic attributes and organizational structure are presented at http://www.bilgesam.org/en

BILGESAM considered it would be useful to create a document that predicts potential developments in the world within the next 5-10 years, describes Turkey’s vision, and sheds light on primary problems of the country. Thus, “Turkey’s Strategy in the Changing World” has been prepared referring the reports and analyses of BILGESAM and views of its members. This study is a strategic document which evaluates international systemic and regional changes; presents Turkey’s vision; clarifies impediments to the improvement of relations with the EU, US, and Russia; points at the obstacles to a more progressive Turkey and utilization of national dynamics along with establishing peace and stability, and prevention of terror in the region; and finally articulates advices for the solution of all these questions.

I hope the document will contribute to modernization process of Turkish Republic as well as the national peace and prosperity, and it is my wish that the study benefits both our public and state.

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