Russia and Turkey Moving Closer: The View of Russian Experts

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Talks between Russia and Turkey in December 2014, brought a new impulse and advanced bilateral cooperation after Presidents Putin and Erdogan agreed to develop the so-called Turkish Stream project. Russian experts continue to discuss the extent to which rapprochement between the two countries can improve the general situation in the area of Black Sea and Middle East as well as other fields of cooperation.

On 27 March, the Moscow Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) gathered experts on Turkey. It was entitled “Russia and Turkey in New Global Political Environment” [1]. MGIMO is known to be affiliated with the Russian Foreign Ministry. The organizers of the forum presented a new book on Turkey entitled, “Turkey: New Realities in Internal Policy and Participation in Regional Geopolitical Processes”. Scholars from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan’, Nizhniy Novgorod, Tchelyabinsk, Kazakhstan and Ukraine universities and think tanks visited the MGIMO Conference of 2014 as participants and speakers [2].  

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