Complex Networks of Russian Foreign Policy or Moving On Towards a Pole of Influence

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President Putin of Russia signed the federal law on ratifying the ‘Agreement on Establishing the BRICS (the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Currency Reserve Pool’ on May 2. The agreement was signed in Fortaleza (Brazil) on July 15, 2014, according to which the BRICS would establish a currency reserve pool to provide financial support if any of the BRICS partners’ national financial systems were to face dollar liquidity problems. This step by the Russian President is not limited to the BRICS specifically, rather reflects a wider strategy by Moscow to transform the Russian Federation into an international pole of influence and importance.  


In order to understand this we need to analyze events and decisions made in Moscow, which testify that Russian foreign policy under Putin has taken developed into the so-called complex networks of interaction.

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