Foreign Aid and Corruption in Post-Conflict Countries

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This book explores the nexus between foreign aid  and corruption in post conflict settings.  It particularly focuses on the experiences of some of the countries that have received foreign aid in order to initiate or accelerate their economic reconstruction and state building efforts after experiencing a violent conflict during the post-Cold War period.

While studying the links between foreign aid and corruption in postconflict societies undergoing reconstruction, three factors particularly stand out. First, formulaic adaptations of neoliberal principles that are routinely employed for statebuilding in such environments often seem to achieve the contrary results that they originally target. Second, poor monitoring mechanisms due to lack of funding or structural difficulties, exacerbated by the already limited capabilities of the newly established or reconstructed states, seem to play an important role in the failure of foreign aid in reaching its original targets. Third is the failure to incorporate the nation-level elite in policy formulation and enforcement.

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