Greater Eurasia: A Debate by Russian Experts

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As President Putin works on relieving the burden of Western sanctions on Russia whist visiting Italy, the Vatican and Azerbaijan, Russian experts in Moscow and across the Russian Federation are engaging in debate over the future of Eurasian integration. Two new debates have emerged recently. First, is where Russian experts are looking for the possibility of adapting the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) project to the Chinese Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB). Secondly, an interest in the integration process has grown so much that researchers of Russian MFA Diplomatic Academy and some other institutions of higher education decided to gather experts from Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan in old city of Nizhny Novgorod on Volga River.    


The Valdai Discussion Club Report on Central Eurasia


In June 2015, the Valdai Discussion Club published a detailed report entitled “Towards the Great Ocean - Creating Central Eurasia” [1]. The Club is well known amongst experts as a place for the discussion of international issues and the proposal of policy recommendations for decision-makers. Substantial publications of the Club such as this report should be considered important. The Club invited experts and decision-makers in power as well as retired politicians to assess the publication. It should be noted however, that perceptions of the Russian political elite can be observed behind analytical texts of the Valdai Club. In this sense, every new report commissioned by the Club becomes an interesting event amongst experts.


Additionally, the group authoring the report consists of well-known Russian specialists in the field. They include, among others, the Honorary Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy Dr. Sergey Karaganov, Professor Oleg Barabanov of Russian MFA MGIMO University, Senior Associate Alexander Gabuev of the Carnegie Moscow Center. Some outstanding experts from the Eurasian Development Bank and the Russian Academy were invited to compile the report.  

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