The New Wave of Terrorism: The ISIS Case

Board of Wise Men
08 September 2015
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During the last 40 years, first the Soviet invasion and then the US-led coalition’s military intervention in Afghanistan, Israel’s massacres and annexation strategy through settlement construction in the occupied Palestine, the state collapse in Iraq following the US invasion, the Iran-backed Maliki government’s ensuing sectarian policies against the Sunni Arabs, the chaos in Libya after the international intervention and the protracted Syria crisis have created conditions in Muslim countries that the terrorist groups could exploit. Also, the rising Islamophobia in the West in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, Iran’s and Saudi Arabia’s sectarian policies in the Middle East exacerbated these conditions favorable to the religiously motivated terrorist networks.  


The Wise Men Center for Strategic Studies (BILGESAM) published the report titled “The New Wave of Terrorism: the ISIS Case” originally in Turkish in accordance with the reviews made during the 23th Wise Men Board Meeting in May 2015. The current English publication includes only the Executive Summary of the original long version in Turkish and aims to share its essence with the international audience. I extend my gratitude to the Wise Men Board members for their invaluable contribution to this study and hope that it could be a modest introduction to start understanding the dynamics behind the rise of the ISIS and a useful source for decision makers to design the measures that should be taken against this terrorist group.



Prof. Atilla SANDIKLI

The President of BILGESAM

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