NATO and Georgia: The Ever Closer Partnership

02 February 2016
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For more than a decade, since the bloodless Rose Revolution in 2003, Georgia has stood out from among its South Caucasus neighbors due to its determinedly pro-Western foreign policy orientation. The cornerstone of this orientation has been the approximation to, and desired integration into, Euro-Atlantic structures and has principally remained constant after the change of government in Tbilisi in October 2012. However, the past three years have shown that the Georgian government increasingly seeks to balance its foreign policy by maintaining close alignment with the European Union and United States, while also repairing relations with the Russian Federation and bolstering ties with emerging regional and global players in the South Caucasus, such as China and post-sanctions Iran. With parliamentary elections scheduled for October 2016 and polls indicating an open and vigorous political competition, this analysis is the first part of a series examining the foreign policy of the Georgian Dream government. It focuses on relations between Georgia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO.

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