The Reasons Why the EU-Turkey Deal on Refugees is Important

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Globally nearly 85 percent of the refugees are being hosted today in developing countries, all of them struggling with their own economic and political challenges. In the case of the Syrian refugees, the 4 million Syrians, who have been displaced and are living outside their country’s borders, are to be located in just three countries, namely Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. Now that the Syrian civil war is reaching its fifth year, the resources in most of these host countries are naturally drying up and as a result many a refugee has just begun to look to Europe for shelter. So currently Syrian refugees, the dangers notwithstanding, are now trying every possible route to reach Europe. This humanitarian issue is becoming a problem that needs to be solved with the full cooperation of the international community as a whole. That is why, in this analysis, we will try to highlight why the 18 March 2016 refugee deal is imperative for any future action between EU and Turkey.


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