Who is Right? The Truth or Power Politics?

08 June 2016
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It is 101st year of the events of 1915. Since killing of Jews during World War II was named “the Holocaust”, Armenian has been trying to convince the international community to define the 1915 events as genocide. According to the Armenian argument, 1.5 million Armenians were exterminated due to Ottoman Empire’s deportation and murder campaign between 1915-1917. Turkey asserts the killings were part of the World War I battles, and the army’s military campaign and relocation targeted only those Armenian groups involved in Russia’s incursions. Turkey claims the death toll number was around 300,000 without intention of destroying any national, ethnic, racial or religious group. So as to refute the Armenian claim, Turkey contends that Armenian community as well as bureaucrats in Istanbul and western Anatolia were not the subject to the military campaign or relocation. No matter what its nature, death of any single person is a sad truth. However, substantial justice has been caught between historical truth and political wills.


In this analysis, German Parliament's recent vote on the events of 1915 will be evaluated and its probable effects on Turkey's worldwide public opinion will be examined. In this regard, United Nations’ definition of genocide and countries which recognized the issue as genocide will be discussed first. Then Armenian and Turkish sides’ claims about the problem will be briefly explained. Afterwards, German Parliament’s vote and its possible psychological effects on the Turkey’s global image is going to be analysed.

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