What about Re-visiting the Idea of Weapons of Mass Destruction Free of the Middle East?

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The Iranian nuclear crisis, which after twelve years of negotiations culminated in the signature of JCPOA, has failed to clear away the new nuclear proliferation amid worries about the MENA region. Some Western commentators, interestingly enough, have gone as far as to explain ‘’the [new] nuclear initiative that is present among the Gulf countries as a part of their new contingency plan [as well as preparations ] for a new nuclear defense doctrine against Iran’s nuclear program and uranium enrichment capability.’ The proponents with this view do mention that the transition from civilian nuclear power to nuclear weapons is not an easy one; they also don’t hesitate to remind us that [once a country achieves to acquire the civilian nuclear technology, such a level of technology achieved would make it easier for them to move in the direction of militarization]. The proponents of nuclear nonproliferation today concur in a suggestion that they need to re-visit and make new efforts to revive the old idea of forming a WMD Free Zone in the Middle East. The Gulf states, for their part, have, in the recent past and at different 2nd Track platforms, taken on responsibility for sponsoring the WMDFZ for the Gulf region to such a degree that ‘Gulf Free from WMD Free Zone’’ has gained acceptance in the regional dictionary of the Gulf states alongside the traditional term ‘‘Middle East WMD Free Zone.’’  As stated by Mustafa Alani , GRC, which launched this project of freeing the Gulf from WMDs, was quite aware of the fact that this idea was not new for the Middle East. Iran and Egypt publicized this WMDFZ idea in 1974, and the international community has since met up under various projects, but they have all been unsuccessful at establishing an NW/WMDFZ in the region. The latest action plan on the WMDFZ in the Middle East, as it was accepted at the 2010 NPT conference, was to have convened at the prearranged 2012 conference, but it was unfortunately postponed without setting a future date.


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