Shoulder-to-Shoulder Resistance to Coups in the Name of Democracy

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The attempted coup on July 15th against the elected political government and riot against command authorities by illegal traitor gang members who nested in Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) have been entirely quelled nationwide thanks to the astute governance of our President; the coordinated and effective endeavors of our Prime Minister and ministers; support from our political parties, the resistance of the armed forces command elements risking their lives; the battle of the military and police who are loyal to the state; and our people filling the grounds at the risk of their lives.


We gratefully commemorate the civilian, military, and constable heroes who fell martyr in the democracy fighting. We wish those injured a quick recovery.


The leadership of our President, the governance of our Prime Minister, solidarity of the leaders of all political parties, the battle of the security forces, and quite so the determination and consistency of our public are admirable.


We have strong faith in our shoulder-to-shoulder resistance to any sort of atrocious attempt against the democratic, secular, and social law state entrusted us by our ancestors.

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