The US-ROK Military Agreement and US Extended Deterrence

14 February 2014
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On the 6th of January 2014, the Obama administration said it would send an additional 800 troops to South Korea, with the aim of preventing any likely provocation due to the deepening of worries about the stability of the North Korea regime. Worries that became acute especially after the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un executed his uncle. The US Secretary State John Kerry, in a joint press conference with his South Korean partner, also said that Washington will remain fully committed to the defense of the Republic of South Korea (ROK) through methods including extended deterrence and putting the full range of US military capabilities in place . Last year, in March 2013, with heightened tensions in the region accruing especially as a result of the negative effects of the 2010 North Korean low level conventional assaults on South Korea, the two sides, namely Washington and Seoul, decided to sign a military agreement. This new military agreement aims to overcome the present loophole in the American extended deterrence provided to South Korea via the Mutual Defense Treaty in force since 1953 (revised in 1960) which falls short of resorting to low-level action-such as limited cross-border excursions. 


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