Iran-Turkey Relations at Hasan Rouhani Era: A Special Reference to Iran-US Nuclear Negotiations

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From ‘Cold War’ to ‘Détente’: Iran-US Nuclear Negotiations Iran’s pursuit of nuclear-weapons capability during the past 24 years has challenged American national security interest in the Middle East. It is now to continue entering a critical new phase. When considering the shift in Iranian politics by the new government, one has to observe the influence of President Rouhani’s ideas, which he advances in his book, ‘National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy’, published in 2012. Although the book does not furnish reasons as to why Iran would want a robust nuclear program it does describe the Iranian government’s “far-reaching effort to obtain a broad range of nuclear technology from foreign sources.”1 For this purpose Rouhani paid a diplomatic visit to China and Russia in 1989 with Hashemi in order to get foreign support and more specifically to negotiate with Moscow the completion of the Bushehr nuclear power plant as well as the construction of a uranium enrichment facility.2 In 2003 a year after Iran’s opposition group, the Mujahidin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) exposed Iran’s secret nuclear program, Rouhani took over as chief negotiator under the quasi of Iranian National Security Council during which time Tehran appeared more cooperative with the West.

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