The 15th Wise Men Board Meeting

Board of Wise Men
13 November 2012
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The Wise Men Board of BILGESAM convened for the 15th consecutive time on November 9 2012. BILGESAM’s Middle East specialist  Ali SEMİN presented the report titled “Syrian Crisis in its Entirety” to the Wise Men Board members.  

In the meeting presided over by Ret. Admiral Salim DERVİŞOĞLU, the following Wise Men Board members were present: Ret. Minister/Governor Kutlu AKTAŞ, Ret. Minister/Ambassador İlter TÜRKMEN, Ret. Head of the  Supreme Court Prof. Dr. Sami SELÇUK, Ret. Ambassador Sönmez KÖKSAL, Ret. Ambassador Özdem SANBERK, Ret. Ambassador Güner ÖZTEK, Ret. General Oktar ATAMAN, Prof. Dr. Nur VERGİN, Prof. Dr. İlter TURAN, Prof. Dr. Ali KARAOSMANOĞLU, Prof. Dr. Ersin ONULDURAN, and Prof. Dr. Orhan GÜVENEN. Joining them were BILGESAM Board of Trustees members Ertuğrul ÇETİNKAYA, Aşkın GÜVEN and İlker VELİ, with Executive Board members Prof. Dr. Oktay ALNIAK and BILGESAM’s president Atilla SANDIKLI. Communications coordinator Feride SANDIKLI, Research coordinator Hasan ÖZTÜRK and researcher Ali SEMİN were also present. 

The convention was initiated with the welcoming speech and remarks of the Wise Men Board presiding president Ret. Admiral Salim DERVİŞOĞLU. Afterwards, research coordinator Hasan ÖZTÜRK presented the minutes of the last meeting and offered a summary of BILGESAM’s accomplishments and events since then. Following these formalities, BILGESAM Middle East Research Institute’s researcher Ali SEMİN presented his report “Syrian Crisis in its Entirety” and its findings to the attention of the board. Save for the remarks and suggestions of the board, the report was duly approved and accepted. The 15th convention was dissolved after its members collectively decided the agenda for their next meeting in the foreseeable future.




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