The First Initial Meeting of WISE MEN

Board of Wise Men
20 June 2008
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The first meeting of the WISE MEN Board was held on 29th April 2008 at CONRAD HOTEL, Beşiktaş/İSTANBUL.  In the meeting the members of the Board were informed about WISE MEN and the working principles of the Board were determined.  Ret. Ambassador/Minister İlter TÜRKMEN, Ret. Minister/Governor Kutlu AKTAŞ, Ret. Vice Admiral Salim DERVİŞOĞLU, Ret. Rear Admiral Sabahattin ERGİN, Ret. Ambassador Özdem SANBERK, Ret. Ambassador Sönmez KÖKSAL, Ret. Ambassador Yaman BAŞKUT, Prof. DR. Orhan GÜVENEN, Prof. Dr. Ersin ONULDURAN, Prof. Dr. Ali KARAOSMANOĞLU, who are the members of the WISE MEN Board, attended to the meeting.

Prof. Dr. Oktay ALNIAK, Prof. Dr. Hasret ÇOMAK, Dr. Atilla SANDIKLI and Ret. Staff Colonel Sadi BİLGİÇ and Lawyer Aşkın GÜVEN, who are the Executive Board Members of WISE MEN, also attended to the meeting.

Moreover WISEMEN project coordinator, researches and specialists Assist. Prof. Dr. Bekir GUNAY, Dr. Fatih ÖZBAY, Specialist Yasemin DİRİL and Assist. Specialist Aykut YILDIR attended to the meeting.

Ret. Full General Atilla ATEŞ, Ret. Full General Oktar ATAMAN, Prof. Dr. Ersin KALAYCIOĞLU and Prof. Dr. İlter TURAN could not attend the meeting due to their excuses.


In the meeting the Board members were given information about WISE MEN and their opinions were taken. The developed projects were announced. The projects were developed within the direction of the opinions of the WISE MEN Board. After the lunch the working principles of the WISE MEN Board were determined under the chairmanship of Ret. Vice Admiral Salim DERVİŞOĞLU. The date of the following meeting and the necessary arrangements were decided.











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