2nd International Congress of Social Scientists (22nd -24th October 2008)

22 April 2008
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First of the Congress of Social Scientists was held in İzmit/Turkey, September 2006 under the coordination of Kocaeli University. 150 academicians from 18 countries, conducting research on Middle Asian Societies, attended to this congress. Issues encountered by Turkic Republics were evaluated

and in order to produce solutions, it was decided to give a start for establishment of a “International Social Scientists Association” which would be effective by international institutions like UN, EC, ICO and Shanghai Cooperation Organization and also by international public opinion.

2nd International Congress of Social Scientists with the theme “Social, Political and Economical Search in Middle Asian Societies” will convene on 22nd -24th October 2008 in Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan with the cooperation of Wise Men Center For Strategic Studies (BİLGESAM), Kocaeli University Economical And Managerial Sciences Faculty International Relations Department, Atatürk Alatoo University, Kasgarlı Mahmud Barskani Doğu University and Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Public Education.

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