Soft Power: The Concept and its Relevancy

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The academic literetarue on soft power and ıts place ın US foreıgn polıcy has witnessed somewhat of a boom following numerous publications from eminent international relations (IR) scholars such as Joseph Nye and others. Defining soft power as the ability of one state to get what it wants from others through persuasion and attraction, Nye points to the increasing relavancy of this concept in understanding the foreign policies of many states in the post-Cold War era. Accordingly, soft power will become more relevant in the foreign policies of states as the realpolitik mentality of the Cold War times has been replaced by the logic of integration, interdepence and globalization following the demise of the Soviet Union and the projected triumph of liberal democracy.

The increasing interconnectedness among different nations, the rise of non-state actors in global politics, the growing attempts at regional and international integration and the decreasing appeal of traditional hard power instruments appear to have led many pundits to argue that soft power would now become the new lingua franca of global power politics...



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