The Implications of Brexit on UK-France Defence Relations

Emmanuel DUPUY
06 August 2018
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The decision taken by British citizens to leave the European Union, the subsequent delay in invoking Article 50 and the time taken to begin the formal exit negotiations will hopefully not increase resentment towards Great Britain amongst French political, academic and think-tank leaders, most of all on defence and security terms.

At the second meeting of the UK-France Leadership Group, hosted recently by the European Leadership Network in the UK parliament, it was clear that both sides could overcome the mistrust that might otherwise lead to resentment. To prevent antipathy between our two nations, it is important to consider what we have in common in the field of security.

First, as founding members of NATO and permanent members of the UN Security Council, we share common international responsibilities. We benefit mutually throughout Commonwealth and Francophonia from a wider and “strategic” depth in terms of soft power. We are both present on three oceans with our extensive Exclusive Economic Zones.

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