US Withdrawal From Syria and Turkey's Border Security

22 February 2019
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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's messages on military operations in East-Euphrates once again demonstrated the determination of Turkey in fight with terrorism. Indeed, following the announcement of President Erdogan, United States (US) Defense Ministry spokesman Robertson said in a statement “Possible operation that Turkey would conducting East-Euphrates is worrying, that would also put our soldiers in danger”. On December 14, an important telephone conversation is held between President Erdogan and US President Trump. Only five days after the conversation, on December 19, Trump declared: "We defeated the terrorist organization ISIS and will withdraw our troops from Syria." When we look at the withdrawal calendar announced by Trump, it is shown that diplomacy staff in 24 hours and American troops within Syria will be withdrawn in 60 to 100 days. In this context, it is necessary to draw attention to two questions; "Will the US withdraw from Syria in the given timeframe and if ISIS resumes its actions?" and "Will Trump be able to withdraw US troops?”. It is impossible not to feel confused in regard to such questions. To answer both of the questions; Trump stated that America would be his priority as rallying about what kind of a foreign policy he would pursue; both during the presidential campaign and after he won the presidential race.

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