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Prof. Atilla SANDIKLI, President of BILGESAM

Atilla Sandıklı was born in Izmir in 1957. After he graduated from Ataturk High School (Izmir), he enrolled in Turkish Military Academy in 1976. He continued his education in the Military Academy, the Army War College, and the Armed Forces College, respectively. Sandıklı participated in PhD courses of International Relations Department in the Faculty of Economics at Istanbul University and of the European Union Institute at Marmara University. He received his PhD degree at the Institute Ataturk’'s Principles and Reforms at Istanbul University. In 2010, Sandıklı became an Associate Professor on the major field of the International Relations and European Union. In 2015, he received Professorship from the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Haliç University.

He served as a staff officer and commanding officer at various echelons of Turkish Armed Forces and as a counselor within the Secretariat General of the National Security Council. Mr. Sandıklı chaired and lectured in international relations department of the War Colleges Command and took office in the establishment of the War Colleges Strategic Researches Institute which he directed subsequently. After he retired voluntarily at the rank of senior staff colonel from the Turkish Armed Forces he founded and became the director general of the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM). He remained on this job and as the editor of Journal of Strategic Foresight during a four-year period. After he left TASAM, Sandıklı established the Wise Men Center for Strategic Studies (BILGESAM) and assembled Turkey's sagacious (retired) diplomats, civilian and military (retired) bureaucrats and academics on the same platform. He is currently the President of BILGESAM.

Sandıklı has taken active part in the arrangements of numerous national and international symposiums and conferences. He has published 24 books and various articles and won many achievement prizes and medals in his military and civil life.

Atilla Sandıklı, who knows English and French, is married and has two children.