Transdisciplinary Science Methodology as a Necessary Condition in Research and Education

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BİLGESAM Bilge Adamlar Kurulu üyemiz ve Bilkent Üniversitesi  öğretim üyesi Prof. Dr. Orhan Güvenen’in “Transdisciplinary Science Methodology as a Necessary Condition in Research and Education” başlıklı makalesi Disiplinler ötesi Öğrenim ve İleri Çalışmalar Akademisi (Academy of Transdisciplinary Learning & Advanced Studies) tarafından yayınlanan ATLAS dergisinin 2016 sayısında yayımlanmıştır.



Traditional methods are not sufficient to deal with  highly  complex  questions  of  modern  world.   Transdisciplinarity is mandatory to understand and solve those problems, which exist within the domain of multiple disciplines. Subsets’ optimal does not always equal to the optimal of the general system set structure. Transdisciplinary approach is mainly focuses on a process of synthesis and aims to reach set optimal.  The amount of data  produced  and  distributed  through  modern communication channels is huge and remarkable percentage of this data is not genuine. That leads to a phenomena which is called information distortion. To minimize information distortion and maximize information  security  principles  of  hermeneutics must be embraced. A transdisciplinary approach in education is required to educate future generations to deal with complex problems of the world.  The dominant system of the world is System 2, which is driven by power and money. The dominance of System 2 causes serious problems at world level like conflicts, wars, human traffic, drug traffic and degradation of natural resources use. To prevent such problems and to solve the existing ones System 1, which is based on science, technology, innovation and uses ethics as a constant, should be embraced as the dominant world system.



Keywords: A-STEM-H, transdisciplinary domain, trans-sector, transdisciplinary curriculum.



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