The New Geopolitical and Economic Journey

01 Kasım 2018
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A Diplomat, Businessman and Thinker


An internationally recognized authority on the geopolitics-energy investment nexus, Mehmet has built significant knowledge, experience and network over the past 35 years with particular geographic focus on Europe, Turkey, Central Asia, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and China.


He has an extensive portfolio of executive and non-executive roles in oil and gas, glass, food and beverage, and mining sectors. Currently, Mehmet chairs Global Resources Partnership, a UK strategic investment advisory group, and The Bosphorus Energy Club, sits on the boards of Genel Energy plc, Sisecam Group and China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and serves as Special Envoy of The Energy Charter for MENA Region.


From 1982 to 2011, he was advisor to the Turkish prime minister, career diplomat in Ankara, Beijing, worked as a senior executive
for International Energy Agency and OECD in Paris and then joined British Gas Group in London. He served on the advisory boards of multinational energy, high-tech, speed train, cyber-security, strategic communications and nancial services companies such as Invensys, Dimetronics and Windsor Energy Group.


Mehmet studied international relations at the Political Sciences Faculty in Turkey completing his MSc degree in International Economy at London School of Economics and his MA in European Studies at College d’Europe in Bruges. He is an occasional lecturer at Dundee, Reading and Tsinghua Universities.


Some of his previous books include, inter alia: Rising Asia, Regional Development and International Investment, China’s Quest Worl- dwide for Energy Security, Turkey’s 2023 Roadmap, Does Our Future Lay with Asia, Game-Changers in World Energy, New Economy Superpower China and Turkey, Towards a New Economic and Commercial Diplomacy Strategy, Global Nomad, and the New “Great Game”: Where are we heading towards?, Traveller or Diplomat?


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