Hello, my name is Bilge Demirköz. I am a faculty member at METU in Ankara, Turkey. I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from my high school, Robert College of Istanbul, I went to MIT and did my bachelor's in physics with minors in music and math and followed that up with master's degree in particle physics. During that time, I worked on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS project, which was installed on the International Space Station ISS in May 2011. I did my D.Phil. at Oxford University, working at CERNon ATLAS Semi-Conductor Tracker (SCT). I was a CERN Research Fellow working on the ATLAS High Level Trigger for two years and then a visitor at University of Cambridge for six months. I spent a year as a researcher with IFAE Barcelona, working on jet trigger, jet analysis with first data from the LHC.

Currently, I am working on the analysis of data from the AMS-02 experiment on the International Space Station. With my team, we also organize the Physics Masterclass at METU and are in the process of building spark chambers for public outreach.