Turkish Societal Perceptions Concerning Combat against PKK Terrorism

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zThe Wise Men Center for Strategic Studies (BILGESAM) closely follows the issues pertaining to the Kurdish Question, combat against PKK terror and the democratic opening process while trying to compensate the general lack of empirical data on these issues by conducting quantitative studies.


To this end, BILGESAM, instead of relying on the discourses of the actors speaking on behalf of the Kurds, has resorted to polling the Kurdish population and their thoughts on these topics and problems.


With this new survey report, BILGESAM is continuing to follow the developments around the Kurdish Question. To understand and quantify the societal perception of the Turkish state’s counter terror operations and the democratic opening process, BILGESAM surveyed 2,922 people via an online poll and is presenting its findings now in the “Turkish Societal Perceptions Concerning Combat against PKK Terrorism” report. In an effort to achieve a thoroughly holistic analysis of the topic, many sub-layers of analysis were entertained. Among some of the sub-sections were: the desire for Turks and Kurds to live together in Turkey, the KCK arrests, the democratic opening process, counter terrorism and state policies, military operations against terrorism, foreign support for the PKK, the effects of terror acts in the regions and societal perceptions on solution proposals of Kurdish Question.


The report “Turkish Societal Perceptions Concerning Combat against PKK Terrorism” was originally published in Turkish and presented to the public through a press conference that took place at BILGESAM headquarters in September 2012. This copy is an abridged version of the original report and includes only the major tables and graphs.

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