Wise Men Board Report: Democratic Opening and Social Perceptions

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BILGESAM, is carrying on studies on the Kurdish problem, Turkey’s most crucial problem. In this respect, the report “Democratic Opening and Social Perceptions’’ prepared by Dr. Salih Akyürek and developed with the suggestions of board members has been approved by Wise Men Board.

As stated in the report, for 25 years Turkey has experienced terror problems that have high material and spiritual costs. The problem has been recently defined under such names as the "Southeast Problem’’, "Kurdish Problem’’ and the "Democratization Problem’’, all of which are in search of the underlying reasons of the terror. Apart from the polarizations over demands for cultural identity, there is even experienced problems in conceptually defining the problem. These, in turn, prevent the development of a new, reconciling political language and democratic negotiation processes and serve for a deadlock. This study tries to present findings and designations for developing a new reconciling language and for enabling both sides to understand each other and it brings constructive criticism to the "Democratic Opening’’ and "Democratic  Autonomy’’.


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